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Zinc is an essential trace element that plays many vital roles in your body. Small amounts of zinc are necessary for human health. However, the human body does not store excess zinc, therefore it needs to be consumed regularly. Zinc is naturally found in plant and animal foods. dietary sources of zinc include red meat, some shellfish, legumes, fortified cereals, and whole grains  If you do not get enough zinc in your diet then a supplement is recommended.

There is strong evidence between zinc deficiency and several infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, measles, and pneumonia. Zinc is involved in many metabolic and chronic diseases such as: diabetes, cancer (esophageal, oral small cell carcinoma, breast cancer), and neurodegenerative diseases.

Can zinc be used as a supplement in the prevention and early recovery from coronavirus disease?  “Literature shows that zinc inhibits coronavirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture”

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