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Super Body Mind

Pureagen® Advanced Colloidal Silver Ⓥ


Pureagen® Advanced Colloidal Silver is a natural mineral supplement that contains a high concentration of nanometer-sized silver particles. It is the purest form of true colloidal silver. It is used to help heal damaged skin and to fight infection. 

✔️ Smallest particle size true colloidal silver available: 0.61 Nanometers, 20 ppm concentration.
✔️ Made with the highest purity, sterile reagent grade deionized water, with no potentially dangerous protein products.
✔️ Known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
It can help fight infection, bacteria & skin conditions.


Colloidal silver is a natural treatment that dates as far back as Ancient Greece where they used a silver coin in a barrel of water to keep it free from bacteria. Silver was also widely used until the introduction of antibiotics.

Pureagen® Advanced Colloidal Silver is a safe and effective mineral supplement with a high nanoparticle concentration. It can be used as a spray for throat or mouth infections to kill germs and is also a natural hand sanitiser.

It can be used to clean and refresh the skin. It reduces sebum secretion and has can be used to heal and soothe inflamed or acne-prone skin. 


As a food supplement take 5ml/one teaspoon daily to enhance your body’s immune system. One tablespoon may be taken 4 times per day to help fortify the immune system. Best consumes on an empty stomach or 15 minutes before a meal. It can be used by adults, children, and pets. This 100ml bottle also comes with an atomizer spray. 

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dark place. Colloidal Silver has an unlimited shelf life if unopened, and we suggest it’s used within 2 years once opened.

WARNINGS: You should not use this product if you are allergic to silver. Someone having an allergic reaction to silver would not be able to handle a metallic silver object such as silver jewellery without causing an allergic reaction. Those who are uncertain if they are allergic to silver should apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction results. If you do not see a reaction within 30 minutes you can be fairly certain that you are not allergic to silver.

Do not drink from the bottle or pour contents back into the bottle due to the risk of contamination. Do not use it if you are pregnant. Always consult your health practitioner before taking nutritional supplements. Not recommended as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children.


Servings per container: 20

Amount per serving DV% Silver 100mcg

* Daily Value not established

Other ingredients: Deionised Water

Disclaimer: Super Body Mind is unable to make claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided is not intended as medical advice and holds no guarantees. As with all other supplementary/alternative products, it shouldn’t be used to replace conventional medical care without consulting your healthcare provider. The benefits of Pureagen® products are based on testimonials, personal and commercial experience.

Pureagen® Advanced Colloidal Silver Ⓥ