Beauty from within

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Boost your beauty from Within with hydrolysed collagen Peptides 

Hydrolysed collagen peptides is a unique type of collagen that has undergone a gentle enzymatic process that breaks the protein into smaller, more even peptide particles that are better absorbed into the bloodstream. Hydrolised Collagen Peptides powder is a clean, paleo protein source that supplies 18 amino acids, including hydroxyproline, that isn’t found in any other dietary protein.  Hydroxyproline is what makes collagen so special, your body uses this amino acid to produce fresh new collagen!

Drink your way to younger skin

hydrolysed collagen peptides

Boost your skin’s collagen

The skin is composed of two layers, the outer layer (epidermis) which provides the barrier protection, and the inner deeper layer (the dermis) this is where the most of the collagen is found and gives the epidermis its strength and elasticity and youthfulness. Topical creams and lotions cant penetrate the deeper layers of the skin so the best way to target the dermis layer is from within with hydrolysed collagen. The latest scientific research has also found that the formation of wrinkles is thought to be due to changes in the deeper layers of your skin. Collagen not only helps strengthen and rebuild the connective tissue it also regenerates new skin cells for healthier, more supple skin and encourages blood flow and circulation.

Improve your hair strength

hydrolysed collagen peptides

Strengthen your hair with amnino acids

Hair is mostly made up of the protein keratin and our bodies use several amino acids to build keratin, some of which can be found in collagen. Proline is also the main component of keratin. Therefore, consuming plenty of proline-rich collagen will provide your body with the building blocks it needs to strengthen your hair. And strong, flexible hair is less likely to split or break. Our collagen production naturally begins to decrease around age 25, so by supplementing with collagen we can keep our hair healthy, flexible and strong as possible. One study found that collagen also decreased nail breakage.