Can you reverse grey hair naturally?

Can you can slow down and even even reverse grey hair naturally?

Most people eventually end up with grey hair don’t they? You probably think that grey hair is a natural part of growing older, but can you reverse grey hair and put away that bottle of hair dye forever?

Vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin B-6, B-12, biotinvitamin D, or vitamin E can contribute to hair turning prematurely grey

A recent study in the journal Development reported various deficiency studies on vitamin D-3, vitamin B-12, and copper and their connection to grey hair, the researchers found that nutritional deficiencies can affect hair pigmentation, which could mean that the colour can return with supplementation of these missing nutrients.

One of the ways to reverse grey hair is to eat fermented foods. Nobel prize winner, Dr. Metchnikoff was one of the first scientists to discover the benefits of eating fermented foods, and preventing and even reversing the aging process Dr. Metchnikoff’s theory that probiotics (the good bugs) could improve the health of our bodies and minds. Most people are aging sooner than they need to be, and it often starts with premature grey hair.

can you reverse grey hair naturally


The cause of grey hair

Inside your hair follicles are pigment cells called melanocytes these give your hair its color (melanin) Without melanin your hair will turn grey… actually its white. Scientists have recently discovered that discovered that this process of hair turning grey is caused by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in your hair particles, which bleaches your hair from the inside. Some people use hydrogen peroxide to bleach their hair blonde, but it’s also a chemical that your hair cells make naturally. This causes your body to stop producing melanin. 

When we are young we produce a an enzyme that is a potent antioxidant called catalase, this breaks down the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. But as we age, like the loss of collagen, the production of catalase also slows down. This causes a build up of Hydrogen peroxide in the body, which turns our hair grey!

can you reverse grey hair naturally


What can we do to reverse the grey hair?

Try anti-aging supplements.

  • Fo-Ti root (He Shou Wu) can be taken orally to reverse grey hair, it is an adaptogen, anti-aging herb. It is well known for having fertility-boosting properties but also for restoring growth and hair colour. It has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, with sedative, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, cardiotonic, and anti-tumour applications confirmed by modern research. When researchers gave Fo-Ti root, administered as P. multiflorum extract, to mice in 2015, it was shown to completely reverse grey hair caused by high levels of hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Glutathione peroxidase, the body’s master antioxidant produced by the liver, also turns hydrogen peroxide into water. Again glutathione production lowers as we age, so it’s a good idea to get this in a supplement form.
can you reverse grey hair naturally
  • Ashwagandhahow to reverse grey hair naturally with ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb and it is also known to increase catalase production. Ashwagandha is an antioxidant supplement also known as Indian ginseng, Studies have shown that ashwagandha protected white blood cells in rats from free radical damage caused by hydrogen peroxide. In another study, middle-aged men took 3 grams of ashwagandha powder a day for a year and they had an increased amount of hair melanin.
  • Indian gooseberry. Also called amla, is an Indian fruit and a herbal supplement known for reversing premature greying. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Amla powder can be mixed with coconut oil and applied directly to the scalp

  • Other supplements known to help boost catalase production are Turmeric curcumin, saw palmetto, and vitamin E.
  • Black Sesame seeds are considered as one of the best anti-aging foods in traditional Chinese Medicine. Black sesame is known to promote melanocyte activity to produce melanin. It can also nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth
  • Diet plays a part in preventing grey hair, so eat a diet rich in antioxidants that can reduce oxidative stress. Eating foods high in vitamin C, will raise glutathione in the red blood cells. You should also try to eat more catalase-rich foods such as broccoli, kale, almonds, sweet potato, cucumbers, radishes, and celery.
  • Exercise more. Working out boosts your body’s antioxidant levels, including glutathione.